Signum-Village is a fictive shopping center, which shows you the handling of our stock-controlling-system, named Orgasoft.NET See for yourself in Signum Village, that Orgasoft.NET is suited for an international usage.

The multi-language front-end allows each user to use his own language. By starting the software the application is automatically shown in language of the user.

How To Use Signum Village in English

Start the Remote Desktop Connection with the address (or IP Click to Connect and Windows Terminal-Server will start your session. Normally Signum-Village starts automatically. If not please start Signum-Village by clicking the Icon on the desktop. 

More instructions: how to use signum village in english (pdf)



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Orgasoft.NET is also available as freeware named Orgasoft.NET Free! Click here to download Orgasoft.NET Free.



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